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Road Transport

The primary aim of the Group is the exchange of information among members by the periodic despatch (thrice annually) to members of a Newsletter, Occasional Papers (written by members and others, and in some cases to be regarded as possible drafts of papers for the Society’s Journal) and other written material concerning the history of roads and of road transport of all kinds.

Sample of Papers recently issued :-

556 Rawlinson Road, Lancashire                                                                                      Allan Brackenbury

557 History of the Trinity Hall Milestones                                                                      Andrew Myson and Pam Lloyd

Preface to OPs 558, 559 and 560                                                                                       Brian A L Jones

558 Thomas Harrington, Coach Builders: A Brief History                                            Clive A Harrington

559 Fifty Years since the closure of Weymann’s Ltd.                                                       John H Davies

560 LBM Weymann busesLondon Bus Museum’s Buses with Weymann Bodies      Brian A L Jones

Use this link for the  Road Transport Members Pages.

The group co-ordinator is Philip Scowcroft, 8 Rowan Mount, DONCASTER, DN2 5PJ, who can be contacted via the email address: