Paddington Station, 1833 – 1854

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Softback – ISBN 978 0 901461 20 9    h = 224mm, w = 250mm, 48pp

10 photographs, 16 maps or plans, 4 line images




This book is the only extensive investigation into the first Paddington Station, before the present buildings were erected between 1852 and 1854. It chronicles the procurement of land for, and construction of the early terminus, the fruitless negotiations with the London & Birmingham Railway for a joint terminus and provides a brief glimpse of the station at work. It incorporates hitherto unpublished material including several important early plans of Paddington, some possibly by I.K. Brunel’s own hand.

Michael Tutton is an historic building repair and conservation specialist and is an associate of a multi-disciplinary practice as well as being an independent consultant. He has extensive interests in architecture and the history and archaeology of buildings, including railway buildings and civil engineering.

With 30 illustrations and plans, this book fulfils a long-existent gap in the published record of the area and of railway history.

“Mr Tutton has managed to assemble and present probably all that needs to be known about the old station” – The Journal of Transport History