North Eastern Railway: historical maps

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by R. A. COOK and K. HOOLE

Revised 2nd edition – Softback – ISBN 978 0 901461 13 1

h = 210mm, w = 297mm, 48pp

25 maps



The North Eastern Railway was formed in 1854 and served an area bounded by the coastline on the east, the river Humber to the south, the Tweed to the north and in general was contained east of the Pennines.

The purpose of the maps is to record the building up of the NER system until its identity was lost in the 1923 grouping. They show every section of the line owned, or worked, by the company for regular public traffic although minor lines are omitted for clarity. Wherever possible the opening date of each line is given as well an indication of the type of traffic carried: minerals, goods or passenger. The constituent companies are listed with their principal Acts of Parliament.