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Gift Aid is a UK tax incentive that enables tax-effective giving by individuals to charities in the United Kingdom. Gift Aid was introduced in the Finance Act 1990 for donations given after 1 October 1990.

Donating through Gift Aid means charities like the Railway and Canal Historical Society can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It won’t cost you any extra.

If you are a UK taxpayer and wish for the donations to the Society you make now, in the future or have made in the past four years to be treated as Gift Aid donations, please complete the Gift Aid Declaration. There is no need to do so if you have previously provided one (in which case ‘GA’ will appear on the top line of your address label).  It is important to remember that such declarations remain in force, and the Society continues to reclaim tax on the subscriptions they apply to, until you cancel them.  If, perhaps because of a changed tax position, you wish the declaration to be cancelled, you must advise the Membership Secretary accordingly.

Fill in the form here and post it to the Membership Secretary or fill it in, scan and email it to him –

Membership Secretary – Andrew Wager, Dove Cottage, Thorpe, Ashbourne, DE6 2AW — Tel: 01335-350239 — Mobile: 07775-964-095

If you want to know what your status is with the society, your mailing label has ‘GA’ on the top line if a current declaration is held. Otherwise, submit these details and we will email you your status.