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Waterways History Research

The purpose of the Waterways History Research Group is to foster research into and publication of the history of navigable inland waterways, by assisting members already engaged in the subject and by encouraging those who are embarking for the first time. Docks and shipping are also covered within this group.

The Group Co-ordinator receives the following from members and circulates them by e-mail to members of the Group for whom an e-mail address is known:

  • location of sources for research – ideas for research – aids to research
  • Occasional Papers, generally on ‘work in progress’ or rehearsals of papers prior to their being offered for publication in the RCHS Journal or elsewhere
  • reprints of obscure published items that may inspire further research
  • shorter Notes & Queries and replies

The Group Distribution Officer periodically distributes a ‘paper mailing’ of the above to all members of the Group. Examples, which may be accessed by the associated links, are:

  • N&Q 27.07  – Swimming in canal locks.
  • N&Q 27.18 – Contract for building a canal boat in 1836
  • N&Q 27.27 – Wet storage of timber
  • OP 124 – A deodand on the Royal Canal – Brian J Goggin
  • OP 128 – Brindley gates, safety gates, stop gates and stop planks – Denis Dodd

A full list of the Group’s circulars to the end of 2017 may be viewed using the link  Index of circulars, occasional papers, reprints and sources papers, 2017

Use this link to view the WHRG Members Pages.

The group co-ordinator is Peter Cross-Rudkin, email address:  rchs.whrg@gmail.com.